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What if everything you've learned
about health is wrong?



Access to health information used to be scarce. Today, we have the opposite problem.  We have thousands of diets and studies that contradict one another. 90% of people think they eat healthy yet almost 70% are overweight. Half of heart attacks happen in people with “normal” cholesterol levels. What would you do if you knew conventional health wisdom was mostly wrong?   Learn More


Having the right knowledge is essential to your success but without a great system to complement that theory, the odds of long-term success are remote. Our system, which we call the Confydo Game Plan, is built around the following core principles: achieving rapid results; being specific, realistic and flexible; and, since we’re not a diet, focusing on your long-term success from the beginning. Learn More


A great system needs practical tools to use as part of your daily routine with the understanding that everyone’s schedule is very busy. For tools to be effective, they need to complement the system and help you act on your newfound knowledge so you can start creating positive momentum. Momentum feeds on itself and becomes contagious. This is how habits are formed. Learn More