Believe in yourself. Trust in your coach.

Success Stories

Angie K.

Chico, CA

With three kids and a full time job, I had a lot of reasons (excuses) over the years to be too busy and put myself at the bottom of the priority list. However, with my family history of heart disease and strokes, I also knew that it was in no one’s interest for me to put my health last. I had tried many different diets in the past and would lose weight but then get stuck. The Confydo Game Plan is different, especially considering that it isn’t a diet, and I had never achieved these kinds of results before. I can’t believe how good the food tastes in the recipes Coach provides while also being so healthy. I loved Coach’s approach to activity and how it is about working smarter, not harder. I was shocked at the number of inches I lost. But even better than that is how much my blood work improved. I cut my triglycerides in half! If I can do it, anyone can. Believe in yourself!

Tobin M.

Pittsburg, CA

At some point in life many people come to the realization that they need to make a change, or life as they know it may come to an abrupt end. My realization occurred when I hit the 275 lb mark and was short of breath just tying my shoes. I realized I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my 2-year-old twins and do the things for them a father should do unless I made a change. The realization that something needs to change, though, is not enough. You need a plan! Even with a plan, execution can be very challenging. That is where the Confydo Game Plan shines. After about 18 months I dropped 90 lbs and found myself happier both physically and spiritually. My 3-year-old daughter saw a before picture of me and said “that is when daddy was crunchy; now he is smooth”. I love being compared to peanut butter! The Confydo Game Plan was the X factor that made it possible for me to execute and see amazing results!

Jeff C.

Denver, CO

As a very busy professional, there are never enough hours in the day and I’m always on the go. My health had suffered as a result. Always in the back of my mind though was that all of my uncles had died at an early age from strokes. And while my dad didn’t die from one, he did have half his body paralyzed. The Confydo Game Plan really got me turned around by giving me the tools to make my health a priority now because you might not get a 2nd chance if you wait (as the story of Coach’s brother shows). I dropped 73 pounds over four months and co-workers who hadn’t seen me in a few months didn’t recognize me. They thought I was a different person. What I enjoyed more than that was my doctor’s response pulling me aside and asking what I was doing because they’d never seen such dramatic results and they weren’t talking about the scale. One of my prior doctors had told me there wasn’t much you could do about your HDL and with diet and exercise you might get it up a few points and the most he’d seen was five points. Instead of listening to the so-called experts and being resigned to a certain fate, I was able to get my HDL up 19 points and lower my risk significantly. It feels good because I have a wife and teenage son who depend on me.

Earl V.

Pittsburg, CA

“I’ll start tomorrow!” Ah, the phrase that represents failing before one even starts. I used that one for many years. Sometimes I did, in fact, start the next day. Sometimes I even kept going for a good while. Inevitably, I ended up right where I started. I couldn’t agree more with Coach that diets are destined to fail. The reason: Diets are temporary. In order to truly change your health and appearance, you have to commit to a lifestyle change which is what the Confydo Game Plan is all about. They say coaches can coach but ultimately success is up to the players themselves. While I am proud of my success and agree that I ultimately had to put in the work, there is absolutely no way I could have done it without the Confydo Game Plan and the overwhelming support of my family, friends and colleagues. These are the people who keep you going when you are approaching or come face to face with “The Wall” and it’s incredibly motivating to all be able to follow the same system together.