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Knowledge System Tools

Having the right knowledge is essential to your success but without a great system to complement that theory, the odds of long-term success are remote. Our system, which we call the Confydo Game Plan, is built around the following core principles: achieving rapid results; being specific, realistic and flexible; and, since we’re not a diet, focuses on your long-term success from the beginning.


Results Oriented

The Confydo Game Plan is about achieving rapid and significant results not only on the scale, but more importantly on the results you can't see with your eyes the ones that really define whether you are healthy or not. You'll know where you stand with various aspects of your health on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.


To be effective, a game plan needs to be specific, realistic and flexible. It needs to understand that everyone is busy. Most importantly though, it needs to deliver results for all types of people. We've had doctors pull our members aside asking them what they're doing, because they've never seen such quick and dramatic progress turning around key health metrics.


Do you really want tocount calories and log your food the rest of your life? diets have a 95% failure rate because they're something you go on, which also means you'll eventually go off. the best way to fix the short-term is to focus on the long-term from the beginning. The Confydo Game Plan is designed to address the challenges of becoming and staying healthy, which never go away.